Submission Guidelines

Fly tying Friday is hopefully going to be a regular feature here at Panfish On The Fly. I floated the idea of setting up a spot on the website for reader-submitted fly patterns to our Facebook group, and there seemed to be a lot of interest. If you would like to submit your favorite panfish or warm water fly pattern I will feature it in a Fly Tying Friday blog post and add it to the Reader Submitted Fly Pattern Pages. I hope to build a vast depository of panfish and warm water fly patterns for everyone's use. If you are interested in sending in your favorite fly pattern, the requirements are simple. All I need is the following:

1. A clear photograph of the fly. If you cannot photograph the fly, you can send it to me (with a self-addressed stamped envelop if you want it back) and I can shoot the fly for you.

2. The fly’s name and a materials list

3. Basic instructions for tying

In addition, if you have instructions on how you fish the pattern, additional photos or any other information you think would be useful please feel free to send that along as well.

Send your submission to info@panfishonthefly.com

If you are not a fly tier you can still submit your pattern without a materials list and instructions, and I will do my best to research the materials and instructions, but I will still need the photo or the fly.

* If you are not the originator of the pattern, please give credit to the fly’s creator and/or use its proper name if the creator is unknown so we can give credit where credit is due.