Single Feather Pennell Wet Fly

Hook: Standard Wet Fly Hook size 10-14

Tail:   Tip of a grizzly hackle feather in your choice of color

Body:  Ice dubbing with contrasting color in thorax

Collar:  Grizzly hackle

When tying this pattern the tip of the feather is used as the tail and the rest of the feather is lashed down to the hook shank and covered with dubbing.  Don't cut off the feather after dubbing the body, wrap the feather as a swept back collar and whip finish.  it is a quick and easy tie!

Experiment with hackle and body colors.  In addition to the three colors shown above, I tie the pattern in tan, purple, red and orange.  I usually use ice dubbing for the body adding a contrasting color at the thorax.  Feel free to substitute any dubbing you like and tie it with a hot spot or without.