Carp Carrot


I came across a pattern called the Carp Carrot on Mr. P's Blog .  This fly is one is one of his original patterns and he ties it a little differently.  The hackle collar in the original pattern is yellow dyed pheasant rump.  Not having that on hand, I searched through my desk for an alternative.  I came across some grizzly marabou in a bunch of colors and tied some in an all orange version.  I like using marabou in this type of fly.  The material comes alive in the water even when the fly is at rest on the lake bottom.  

Pattern Recipe:
Hook:  Size 6 (The hook pictured is an old, no longer made, ring eyed Mustad)
Weight:  Lead dumbbells (small)
Body:  Orange dubbing mixed with a little flash
Collar:  Orange dyed grizzly marabou

This fly is ideal when you need to get down fast.  The lead eyes get the bottom quickly.  Be careful casting this one!  It lands fairly hard and can spook a carp if you cast too close to your target.  I try and predict the path of a feeding fish and cast well ahead of it.  Let if lie on the bottom until the fish gets within feeding range.  A subtle twitch will often result in a take.